Watch videos made by young people and highlights from our webinars with guest experts

Athens on film: stories from our transnational workshop

At our workshop in Athens, participants from Germany explore the historic sites of the ancient city.
“To tell our stories we need to find new experiences.” Visitors from Spain find inspiration in the spirit of Athens.
Our hosts in Athens share their city in a short film giving us a glimpse of hidden spaces and alternative histories.
The long climb to the Acropolis is worth it for young people from Sweden, who introduce their film with reflections on telling and retelling.

Webinar highlights

Alina Siegfried, storyteller, narrative strategist, and spoken word artist, talks about the ways in which ‘storytelling and narrative shape the world around us’, and the new possibilities we can imagine through new myths.
Riel Miller of UNESCO discusses the ways in which our expectations shape our understanding of the future, the power structures which underlie the ways in which the future is perceived, and the importance of embracing uncertainty.
Rapper and storyteller Alim Kamara in which he talks about the way stories can transport us, the importance of getting rid of ‘stinkin thinkin’, and the role of the storyteller in helping people to ‘navigate this thing called life’.
Alim Kamara energises us through the power of storytelling. A young girl dreams every night of being chased by a monster – but what happens when she turns to face it?

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