Future Narratives Exhibition: Your Future, Our Future

Over the last four years, Future Narratives has brought together young people and youth organisations from across Europe. Together we use the power of storytelling to imagine new futures for ourselves, our communities, and our societies.

Our final workshop will be held in Sollentuna, Sweden, in January 2023, accompanied by an exhibition and a public event where young people will share their stories, their visions of the future, and multimedia productions created through the project, while youth workers present the theory and practice of Future Narratives.

Join us to discover the potential of new narratives to create new futures, and to meet the young people imagining more inclusive futures for all!

Aniaraplatsen 2, 191 47 Sollentuna

1700 to 1930, Thursday 26 January

Future Narratives will be presented by young people from Spain, Greece, Germany and Sweden, and in a local and European context by:

Nerina Finetto (Traces&Dreams)

Abdulkadir Bulhan and Bashar Tancro (Möjligheternas Plats)

Amerissa Giannouli (Inter Alia)

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