Future Narratives originates from the belief that it is through telling the stories of ourselves and of our
communities that we can understand and invest in our possible tomorrows. 

We see narrative as the central tool through which people are able to imagine and create our futures.


How we look at the future changes how we think and act in the present. Futures Literacy describes the capability to decide why and how to use your imagination to introduce the future into the present. Since 2012, UNESCO has been developing the concept of Futures Literacy, seeking to understand “the frames people use to understand tomorrow.” By enhancing our futures literacy, we gain greater capacity to ‘use the future’, and so to imagine new ways to think and act in the present.


We are surrounded by narratives; the stories to which we listen and the stories in which we live determine how we see ourselves and our communities. Learning how we navigate and create reality through stories allows us to imagine alternative perspectives and possibilities at a personal, societal and metaphoric level. Understanding not only how to tell stories but also how to deconstruct and reconstruct them gives us the opportunity to reflect on and reshape the past, present and future.

Here you can find curated resources to delve deeper into concepts and practices of Futures Literacy, storytelling, and narrative, and explore the newest research and innovation in the field.

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