Learn to harness the power of narrative for you, your community and our common future.


Future Narratives is an Erasmus+ co-funded project that aims to engage, connect and empower young people across Europe through storytelling and futures literacy.

Here you can learn more about our project, find curated resources on key concepts, and join our conversation on the theory and practice of Future Narratives.

The stories we hear and the stories we tell shape
our understanding of our pasts, presents and futures.

By learning how to harness the power of narrative, we
can imagine and create a positive and sustainable future
for ourselves, our communities and our world.

We believe that through telling the stories of ourselves and
of our communities we can understand, reimagine and invest in
our possible futures.  Our aims:

  • Engage:

    People and societies use stories to understand the world and our place in it. There are the stories we tell ourselves about our identity, our past and our future, and there are the stories our society tells us about its future and our places within it. Future Narratives will focus on young people’s participation in these stories.

  • Connect:

    There is no better way to connect with other people than telling your story and listening to theirs. This relationship fosters understanding, empathy and deeper connection. Future Narratives will promote dialogue between young people from different European countries, enabling us to imagine new futures together.

  • Empower:

    Future Narratives will help young people to think about their history, their values, their dreams. The project aims to enable them to engage with their own story, listen to it, understand it and tell it to others. By telling stories, young people can imagine and own their future and that of their community.

  • Future Narratives Webinar Guide and Resource Pack

    Added: 13th April 2021

    Find out more about our webinars by and for youth workers, including resources, readings, and outputs. WEBINARS_ALL-SESSION-COLLECTED_FUTURE-NARRATIVESDownload View
  • Causal Layered Analysis with The Futures School

    Added: 13th April 2021

    Kedge Principal Frank Spencer demonstrates how to use the Causal Layered Analysis tool created by Sohail Inayatullah. View
  • ‘What is Futures Literacy and why is it important?’

    Added: 13th April 2021

    Nicklas Larsen, Jeanette Kæseler Mortensen & Riel Miller on overcoming blind resistance to change and poverty of the imagination. “Futures literacy enables us to become aware of the sources of our hopes and fears, and improves our ability to harness… View
  • Causal Layered Analysis: Sohail Inayatullah at TEDxNoosa

    Added: 13th April 2021

    Professor Sohail Inayatullah reveals the theory of Causal Layered Analysis, a practice of organisational, social and civilisational change, seeking to transform the present and the future through deconstructing and reconstructing reality at four levels. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImWDmFPfifI View

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